Sally has an incredibly unique approach to guidance: with complete empathy, respect, and care, she can call things as they are. No nonsense advice delivered in love. I always leave her office feeling both dignified and resolved in what direction to take.

Ashley - therapist

Sally's life coaching is real and practical. She asks questions that get straight to the point, and is truly concerned about you experiencing your very best in life!

Rachel - dancer

Every member of my family has been helped by Sally. Everyone needs to go and see her. What she does is amazing; the world is her oyster.

Shane - insurance agent

If you’ve ever questioned if life coaching was right for you, one session with Sally will make you wonder why you didn’t contact her sooner. Her poignant questions and gift of compassion create a safe space allowing you to lift the veil of self-doubt and judgment, and live a life that is more than breathing.

Sophia - life coach

Ever since our session, I no longer have this feeling of pressure when I think of Jesus. I tried addressing the issue in other sozos with other counselors, but we never got to the root of the problem. You used the breadth of your experience, and that made the difference for me. I was so happy and excited with the progress we made in just that first session.

Samantha - tech support technician

I was looking for an assignment and a drill sergeant to make me finish this novel, but what you gave me was so much more. Thank you, Sally Hanan.

Lisa - writer/speaker

I was at a crossroads in my life and Sally helped me figure out which way would be best for me, without any pressure on her part. She provided a really safe environment for me, and I'm really glad that I invested in a better life for myself.

Hannah - therapist

I feel very comfortable during my sessions with Sally. She really listens, and I can feel her genuine care and compassion. She helps me to strengthen my relationship with Jesus, and she gives lots of encouragement and hope.

Melanie - teacher

I wish I could describe within a few sentences the revelation that emerged from my first session with Sally, but such a spectacular event cannot be reduced; though I admit that even a glimpse would kindle the heart and astonish the eye.

Nan - financial advisor

There is freedom this side of heaven! I feel so silly in retrospect bearing a yoke of doubt, insecurity and shame. I tear up every time I think about the hold I allowed the enemy to have over my life, but I praise God for the breakthrough I've experienced since going through inner healing with you!

Nathaniel - student

Our sessions brought me focus, understanding, and life-changing revelation. You helped me find the courage to make decisions and tune my ear to what God was saying.

Eric - HR consultant