Inner healing helps you to sort through your triggers, to find the roots of the pain, to find Jesus’s beauty in the midst of it all, and get free. As your counselor I act as a facilitator, a sounding board, and a discerning ear, walking alongside you on your step-by-step path toward peace.

Basic inner healing

Many times we need to sit with someone who can help us process why we keep getting triggered, especially when we’ve done all we are supposed to do to “let go.” Whether it’s feeling alone or afraid or invisible, God’s light and truth will always bring us to his heart—a place of healing and safety.

Advanced inner healing

Advanced inner healing offers a safe place to look at the life experiences that have brought you to the sometimes overwhelming and confusing life before you today. Together we will work through your past at a level that feels safe for you; and step-by-step hear, receive, and apply God’s light, truth, and love into your fragile heart.

Future-focused inner healing

Along with the basic OR advanced inner healing services, future-focused inner healing includes one life coaching session, one career coaching sessions, and one dream coaching session with the goal of helping you walk out of the fog of the misty morning and into the clarity of a bright new day.

Inner healing

$ 30

Donation Per Hour
  • One/two sessions
  • Sort through your triggers.
  • Find the roots of your pain.
  • Connect with truth.
  • Receive your freedom.
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Advanced inner healingMost Popular

$ 40

Donation Per Hour
  • Six sessions
  • Basic inner healing PLUS
  • Help with diagnosed mental health disorders, especially dissociation (DID)
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Inner healing with a focus on the future

$ 50

Donation Per Hour
  • Ten sessions
  • Advanced or basic inner healing PLUS
  • One dream coaching session
  • One career coaching session
  • One life coaching session
  • One clearer future
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