Career coaching helps you to figure out what you were born to do, to work where you were born to make a difference, to find your purpose and live it well.  As your coach I act as a facilitator, a sounding board, and an accountability partner, walking alongside you on your step-by-step path toward discovering what you are on this earth for.

Basic career coaching

Helps you to evaluate your work experience up to this point in time, define your work ethic, and make your job become something meaningful and enjoyable.

Advanced career coaching

In addition to what’s offered in basic coaching, advanced coaching provides an in-depth look at your unique contribution to your sphere of influence at work by means of examining your one-of-a-kind personality and your strengths and life experience.

Deluxe career coaching

Along with the basic and advanced life coaching services, deluxe life coaching includes two dream coaching sessions and two life coaching sessions, with the goal of helping you discover in even greater detail what you want to give yourself, your circle of influence, and the world through your work.

Basic Career Coaching

$ 60

Donation Per Hour
  • Four weeks
  • Evaluate your work.
  • Define your work ethic.
  • Discover your style of communication.
  • Make your job meaningful.
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Advanced Career CoachingMost Popular

$ 55

Donation Per Hour
  • Six weeks
  • Basic coaching
  • PLUS
  • Discover your unique personality mix.
  • Explore your many strengths.
  • Find your best fit.
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Deluxe Career Coaching

$ 50

Donation Per Hour
  • Ten weeks
  • Basic coaching
  • Advanced coaching
  • PLUS
  • Two life coaching sessions
  • Two dream coaching sessions
  • Resume help
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10% off all packages paid in full up front.

50% payment up front is required for all packages. | All sessions on Skype. | Sliding scale pricing is available.  | All missed sessions will be charged.