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He Still Answers Prayers

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Sometimes our cynicism is the reflective wall to our blessing, because it denies that God will demonstrate his goodness to us.

Sometimes we forget that with God, all things are possible. We forget that God answers prayers. Our faith is tired. Our hope is weary.

But he still answers prayers. He still blesses faith. And he still loves to bless us. Maybe all he’s waiting for is our agreement with his heart for us. And a small amount of hope is no small thing to him.

Step into Peace

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I spent some time today with an older lady who chatted for a while about the different seasons in her life and how she has tried to fulfill her roles while in them. Every time she was able to adjust and work closely with the people around her because she was able to continually center herself in peace.

After that meeting I drove to pick up a friend who needs a place to stay for a few nights while he works through a big project. All he needs is some Wi-Fi and a bed — a place to do what needs to be done in his season; a place of peace.

I got home to the sound of the vacuum, wielding its way around the spare room thanks to my friend, who, along with her new husband, is staying with us for a few weeks until they figure out where they want to go next. They’re probably the hippiest Jesus freaks I know at the moment, which is why I love having them in my house. 😛 They are in their season of living in homes of friends and families until they choose to settle in a place of their own, but they create peace wherever they go.

“Comfort makes cowards of us all.” —Anonymous

I think the overall assumption in most minds is that you are not safe and happy unless you are comfortable, but that seems like the worst place to be, because then you are afraid to do anything that might pull you out of your safety zone. The problem with a safety zone is that you’re stuck there. Imagined danger is all around and you can’t move.

With three of my four friends, they highlighted their peace in the center of discomfort. They made peace in uneasiness their chosen abode, and thus created a place with no walls that others could be invited into. One of those friends invited himself into ours, because he knew our peace is an open plan deal.

It’s always the season to step into or bring peace.

Win a copy of Fix Yourself

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At Head to Heart Restoration Ministry we have read and used a lot of Jesus focused inner healing materials to counsel individuals experiencing wounded hearts and damaged emotions. Fix Yourself in Jesus is the first manual I have read and used that I believe is 100 percent on target! I believe the Holy Spirit directed Sally Hanan every step of the way in the writing process. If you are a Christian counselor or an individual seeking emotional and spiritual healing, I encourage you to order this book. ~ Al H. Jones, PhD